Design Manchester Festival 16

The Project

Design Manchester invited Women in Print to be part of their programming for the festival. Women in Print’s extended their collection to include six new prints by six new artists at the festival.

The work went on display at Co-op HQ and Northern Quarter creative space PLY and featured talks and workshops led by Women in Print artists Jane Bowyer, Artsy Nibs and Nell Smith.

Clara Walkden by Dominique Byron and Dr Sylvia Sham by Caroline Dowsett from the extended Women in Print collection

6 new prints, 6 new women

As part of the festival we added 6 new prints to our existing collection. The women who were featured in the artwork included: Former Secretary of State for Education, Ellen Wilkinson; co-founder of the RSP,  Emily Williamson; Clara Walkden, the first sworn female constable in what is now the Greater Manchester Police area; writer Elizabeth Gaskell; screenwriting legend and actor Caroline Aherne and Dr Sylvia Sham, who was the Director of Wai Yin Society and a community campaigner.