Tomekah George


Tomekah is an illustrator based in Sheffield, UK. Her artwork is featured in animations, children’s books, cards, homeware and ceramics. Primarily working with a blend of colourful and textural layers, she finds a lot of inspiration from her Caribbean family and childhood exposure to traditional printmaking. She continually pushes her vibrant style creating unique pieces that sit somewhere between a print and a painting.

Margaret Downes by Tomekah George

Artist Spotlight

How would you describe what you do?

I’d describe myself as an illustrator specialising in bold collage & colourful illustration. I’m especially interested in my personal work with stories that promote a positive message or draw attention to sensitive topics such as feminism, inequality and representation.

How do you create your ideal workspace and conditions you need to be creative?

It depends on what I’m working on usually a good reggae/dancehall playlist will help me to relax and focus on creating the right mood when starting an illustration or animation.

There is an aesthetic and flow to your work that feels like it could only have been created by hand but you work with a mixture of manual and digital tools. Can you talk to us about the processes you use to create your work?

I’ve always loved the screen printing process and I try to replicate this within my practice. I start by experimenting and layering different sketches and textures then refining them digitally.

In a perfect world where will you be and what will you be doing in ten years time?

I’d like to be illustrating a range of topics and products. I’d also like to have the platform to help people with similar values to do the same.

We’d like to ask you to recommend a ‘woman in print’ to us…

I’d like to recommend a good long time friend of mine who first introduced me to Women In Print. Hayley specialises in graphic design is such a hardworking and supportive person to be around.