Rachael Whale


Rachael is a Senior Graphic Designer based in Manchester. She is a passionate creative, with a flair for illustration, branding and digital design. She also runs and online shop selling beautifully crafted greetings cards, art and nursery prints.

Kate Cross by Rachael Whale

Artist Spotlight

How would you describe what you do?

A graphic designer specialising in branding, print and illustration, I have a passion for crafting projects and bringing a brand to life.

Is there a particular project or career highlight that has had a meaningful impact on your career? 

I think when I see my designs out in the wild it always makes me smile. Seeing your own work on billboards, TV ads, on the tube and across cities, gives you a nice sense of achievement.

How does print feature in your work?

The majority of my work is based around print. I think people will always love the ‘real thing’ and there is so much you can do now, it’s great to be able to chat with your printer and get the best out of every project. I’m lucky that a lot of the clients I work with always want unique printed pieces.

What does your typical working week look like?

I usually get to the office, make a cup of coffee and start the day by reading a few design blogs and articles. We have our daily jobs set out for us at the beginning of the week so I know what’s coming up and how best to plan the day. Each day can be a bit different from working on a branding project to tackling a pitch the next. With my downtime I’m usually illustrating prints for my online shop.

What’s the best and worst advice someone has given you?

That’s a hard one! Best advice: Make sure you make time for the things you enjoy the most. Luckily no one has given me any bad advice… yet!

We’d like to ask you to recommend a ‘woman in print’ to us

My Woman in Print would be Jessica Hische, a lettering artist and author.