Kat Loveday


Kat is a performer with a background in design education. She is the co-founder of Siren Asylum; a body positive fitness studio in Manchester for all women and women-aligned people. Kat brings her own creative flare to every project she’s involved with from print design to live performances.



Alice Margaret Cooke by Kat Loveday

Artist Spotlight

What made you choose to be a designer and how would you describe what you do now??

I originally wanted to be an architect but at art college I enjoyed the graphics class more, I didn’t really know what graphic design was in full but my design tutor said I should do it at degree level, so I did and I’m so glad. I have gone off into a different venture of circus art and performing but I get to do all the design work and graphics for my events and businesses and I love that I can.

Your professional practice has evolved a lot over the years. For several years you worked with students seeking a career in tech and digital design. In an increasingly digital world, what is the appeal of print?

I still love print and I think it still has a massive place in design, I just think people are being more clever about it and it’s seen as a more high end thing now. When I was a Lecturer I encouraged students to bring print into their work it just tends to be more interactive like using AR technology or QR codes on products.

Who has been a significant influence or had a meaningful impact on your career? 

This is a tough one for me but Tash Wilcocks is always the one that sticks out. She was my tutor at Uni and she spoke to me on a really genuine level during my studies and she helped and supported me way after graduation. I can’t not mention Jason Mayo who always pushes me to be a better designer and I feel very lucky I have guidance throughout most of my career from such a talented and down to earth person. 

You’re a woman of many talents and many careers. Do you think it’s becoming more common for people to have more than one source of income?

I 100% think people are using the standard career path to gain experience and then setting up a side hustle. Whether that’s their own design venture or turning a hobby into an income. I came to a few crossroads where I needed to choose between design, teaching and circus and it was hard for me to let go of something I’d spent nearly 10 years and thousands of pounds training to become but at the end of the day it got me to where I am now and I firmly believe you just have to follow what your heart tells you, if you play it safe you’ll always wonder “what if”.

What’s your best technique or ritual for getting over creative block?

Environments have a massive factor over my wellbeing — I don’t work in my bedroom. At. All. Going for a walk, going to a co-working space, going to a fitness class or meeting with friends for coffee for an hour to reset does me a world of good. What I need is to be around people, chat about ideas and get their input.

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