Alexandra Francis


Alex is a multi-disciplined graphic designer and illustrator. She leads design and illustration on a range of projects from animation, advertising campaigns and editorial illustration.

Portrait of Kathleen Ollerenshaw by Alex Francis


How would you describe what you do?

I am part designer, part illustrator in equal parts!

You’re kicking-ass as a designer and illustrator. What pleasure do you get from working in print?

Thank you! Making something physical is always special, sometimes when I do a digital illustration and upload it Instagram or see it published, it can feel like it gets swept away in the masses of amazing content creators out there. With print you know that there’s only one version of that illustration you can pick up, hold it in your hands and take time to look at.

How do you create your ideal workspace and conditions you need to be creative?

It has to be tidy, I’m a bit of a control freak in that sense, everything on my desk has a specific spot and if it’s not in the right spot I can’t concentrate! I also love listening to d&d podcasts while I draw, it keeps me trucking along.

How important is it for you to make time to work on personal projects and how do you make sure you find the time to do this?

As much as I love creating things within a team of crazy talented people, I really enjoy making things by myself too. Drawing for myself is important, however selfish it sounds I enjoy making things just for me, if anyone else enjoys it then that’s a bonus.

“I always like to draw or respond to something that has inspired me, whether it’s a tv show, book, something I’ve seen whilst I’m sat on the Met or a movie.”

Alex Francis

I always like to draw or respond to something that has inspired me, whether it’s a tv show, book, something I’ve seen whilst I’m sat on the Met or a movie. It’s a way to remember the movie (for example) as a little memento, so I can look back and remember where and when I watched it and with who, what was happening in my life at that time and why I liked it so much. It becomes a little project for me to chip away at which means I don’t spend half the evening thinking about what to draw which is definitely half the battle for me!

What are you currently working on?

In my spare time, I’ve started a poster series about all the movies I love! I secretly hope to turn them into riso prints and maybe sell a few if anyone wants one. At work, I get to work with animation wizards who breathe life into my drawings and wrap my head around web and print design. I love the mix of design and illustration.

If you could collaborate with another creative, dead or alive, who would it be and why — and what would you make? 

Ah, too many to think of! I’d love to collaborate with Charles&Thorn (Kelly Thorn and Spencer Charles) studio and make a little pack of cards or packaging project. They made a beautiful card deck and my heart stopped because it was so pretty.

We’d like to ask you to recommend a ‘woman in print’ to us

Uzma Padia! I met her on my graphic design course and I’m always inspired by her lettering and positivity.