The stories of women from the north of England, told through print and design. Women in Print puts artists at the centre of its programming, bringing a wide range of practitioners’ work to the public’s attention in cultural and educational settings.

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When we listen to the stories of other women, we begin to understand our own better.

V (formerly Eve Ensler), playwright & activist

Exhibitions, workshops, talks and events

  • ‘First in the Fight’ exhibition at Kampus


    First in the Fight tells of a city where, from the women who marched to St Peter’s Field flying the flag for reform to the first entrepreneurs.

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  • Points of Light


    It was an honour to receive this award for our work in raising awareness of the stories of women from…

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  • First in the Fight Book


    Background Emmeline Pankhurst stands proudly in St Peter’s Square, but she stands for so many more… From the women who…

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